Grade 9 Virtual Orientation!

R. Di Ianni (@Principal_AHS) | Twitter

A Welcome Message from Mr. DiIanni, Principal

Some of our Amazing Student Ambassadors would like to welcome our Grade 9 students & share their own experiences of what it means to be an Assumption Crusader!

Interested in seeing what the inside of our newly expanded and renovated school looks like? Check out the video tour!

Here’s a mini do’s and don’t for uniform, Tik Tok style!

Please visit for our full uniform policy!

Listen to Student Council’s welcome and advice on how to get involved in school life:

Assumption has an amazing staff who are dedicated to helping every student along their journey of becoming the best version of themselves! Check out the welcome messages from some of them:

First Day of School:

No matter which cohort you are in, everyone begins classes on Wednesday Sept. 9th, 2020 at 8:15am – BUT depending on which cohort you are in, you may not be attending classes in person on that day. If you are in Cohort A, you will arrive at school to attend your Period 1 class. You will find the entrance you are to use that day (see ‘Which Entrance/Exit do I Use’ Video below), find your classroom, and meet your teacher in person!

On Wednesday Sept. 9th, students in Cohorts B and C will be attend your Period 1 class virtually by logging into the D2L portal for that class for 8:15am, where you will be introduced to your teacher virtually (see ‘How to log into SIS/D2L’ video below). Cohort A will leave the school and head home at 11:30am. Academic support will be available online for all 3 cohorts between 12:30 and 1:45pm, and all 3 Cohorts A, B and C will log into D2L at 1:45pm until 2:30pm for their 2nd period class in the afternoon.

How do I keep track of which class I have each day?

Download the schedule below:

How do I know what classes I have first quadmester?

Your course schedule can be found when you log in to SIS – Student Information System.

Here’s a short video on how to find and log in to SIS. Please note that your student number was emailed to your parent/guardian in August.

You can also access SIS through the school webpage

Image preview

Your period 1 and 2 classes are the classes you will be taking from September until November!

How do I log in my class for remote learning?

All class portals will be through D2L. Here’s a video to help you log in:

You can also log in to D2L through the school web page

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How do I know where to find my classes on the days I’m attending school?

On your timetable, which you can find when you log into SIS, you will see a classroom number listed with the course you are taking. Once you find your classroom number, look on your map to see which zone that class is located in:

Image preview
Image preview

School Maps and other important information can be found on our school website under the Back to School Post

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Image preview

What do I need to bring to school with me?

For the days when you are attending school in person, it is important that you bring the following to school:

  • Mask (and a spare!)
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Nut free/Peanut Free Snack (not a full lunch)
  • Whatever technology/school supplies you need for that day’s class
  • Please make sure you are in full uniform
  • If you have Phys. Ed., you must come to school wearing your gym clothes as the change rooms are closed

Please note that students do not have access to lockers, so it is important that you only bring what you need with you in a backpack that can hang on the back of your chair!

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We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into our community! #GoBlueGo!

Taylor, AndreaGrade 9 Virtual Orientation!