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A Prayer for Secondary Students

God of compassion, the news we hear each day can fill us with uncertainty and concern. The spread of the coronavirus in our world can seem threatening, and it raises questions without easy answers. And yet, in the midst of worry and stress, you call us to love one another, to pray for each other, and to trust that you are always with us in our struggles. Give your healing to those who are sick, quarantined and fearful, and your gentle compassion to those who are caring for them. Teach us to support one another, to listen to each other, and to resist the temptations of isolation, prejudice and selfishness. May these challenging times help us to rely on your loving care, and to remember the global family that we are part of. Guide us through this time of fear and illness, for you are our Healer, O Lord, and we trust in your promises. We ask all of this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. ~ Dr. Murray Watson

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Seixeiro, DanielStudent Services FAQ’s