BR Student Secures Prestigious NASA Internship

We are very proud to announce that Bishop Reding CSS Student Schanze Sial has secured a very prestigious Summer Internship with NASA! Here is her story:

In January I applied for a NASA High School internship called STEM Enhancement in Earth Science (SEES). The internship program collaborates with The University of Texas Center for Space Research in Austin, Texas. I was 1 of the 45 students that got selected out of the 600 American students around the world that applied. Interns are selected based on their academic records, a written application that includes written essay questions, introduction video, letter of recommendation and interest in STEM. The internship required remote work and 2 weeks of onsite work at The University of Texas at Austin, but due to COVID-19 the internship has fully moved to remote work. Instead, the interns will be invited to spend the weekend together with NASA scientists at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX as things get better.

I will be working in the Astronomy Department with NASA scientists and engineers analyzing and visualizing data. I will work to support NASA Scientists and Engineers to research astronomy, remote sensing, and space geodetic techniques to help understand Earth and Space systems, natural hazards and climate science. My fellow interns and I will work on NASA teams on one of the different on-going NASA projects that include Identifying Near Asteroid Hazards, Using Satellites for Emergency Preparedness, Measuring Environmental Changes with Altimetry, Observing Earth from Space, Explore the Moon, Mars Exploration, etc. I am excited to apply my skills and knowledge that I gained from SHSM Computer Science Classes in my internship.

Schanze Sial

O'Grady, JustineBR Student Secures Prestigious NASA Internship