Life Skills Retreat – Fall 2019

The Annual Life Skills Retreat took place last September at Camp Marydale in Binbrook, Ontario. Students, E.A.’s, teachers and the chaplain made up the group. One of the Marydale Park Counselors, Matthew, organized fun activities for us. The day began with a long bus ride to Binbrook (south of Hamilton). Marydale Park is fully accessible and is the official day camp of the Diocese of Hamilton. In our retreat room at the Park, the chaplain led the group in a guided meditation and the students closed it off with a prayer of thanksgiving. Then, Matthew took us outside and we participated in the parachute game and other activities. We returned to the retreat room and the counselor prepared a tasty barbecue for us. To work off all of the good food, we went for a beautiful hike to the lake. We took a group shot and said farewell to Matthew. After another long bus ride, we made it back to BR in good time. Looking forward to next year’s Retreat!

Campanelli, LorenzoLife Skills Retreat – Fall 2019