Student/Parent Protocol for Access to Schools for Locker Clean Out and Return of School Materials

The Ministry of Education in partnership with the HCDSB and the Halton Region Public Health, has allowed schools to provide an opportunity for students to come in and collect their personal belongings from lockers and to drop off school items that they have borrowed.  This will take place the week of June 15 – June 19, 2020 between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm daily.

It is very important that all parents/guardians review the Parent/Guardian/Student Protocol about access to the school with your children prior to their coming to the school: Student Parent Protocol June 5 2020.pdf 

The following safety precautions must be practiced by all individuals visiting our school site to reduce the potential spread of Covid 19: Covid-19 Risks & Prevention

Once you have reviewed the protocols, your children must sign up for a 15 minute time-slot to come to the school at: BRs Locker Cleanout & Material Dropoff Booking

Please note the following important information:

  • Your child must adhere to all protocols as outlined by the board at all times (in particular, physical distancing)
  • Your child must adhere to the scheduled time.  If they show up late, they will have to wait until a free time period becomes available, which could take a while.
  • Your child will enter the school using Entrance 8 on the south side of the building – they will line up at designated spots outside of the door until they are allowed in.
  • When they enter the school, your child will check in with a staff member and then go directly to their locker using the main stairwell, empty the locker contents and return to the piazza via the main stair well where they will check in with a staff member.
  • Your child will return all school items they have borrowed (textbooks, musical instruments, sports uniforms and equipment,  etc).
  • Your child can pick up Epipens or other medication we have on hand belonging to you.
  • All items should have a sticky with the student name and teacher name  – for books, it should be on the inside over; for other items,  it should be securely attached with tape or a pin.
  • If you borrowed a Chromebook or Laptop from the school to support distance learning, and your child is not registered in a summer learning program, they are required to return these items as well.
  • Your child will then leave the building and leave school property immediately – they cannot congregate with others.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us so that we can support you and your children.

As always, we hold you and your families in our thoughts and prayers.

O'Grady, JustineStudent/Parent Protocol for Access to Schools for Locker Clean Out and Return of School Materials