Cohorts A, B and C

Great seeing Cohort A in the building today! You did very well by all accounts. We’ll see you virtually tomorrow. Have a good night’s rest.

And looking forward to having Cohort B in the building tomorrow!

And , of course, we’ll always be seeing Cohort C virtually.

Keep up the good work you started everybody!

Still, it is very different. Fewer students in the hallways. The volume of noise in the building has come down a few notches. Seeing everybody with masks. Times have changed. The transition to adaptive learning is challenging for us all.

Be patient with each other. Be patient with yourself. Patience is a virtue. Help us , dear Lord, to get through this.

Don’t forget: if you need a listening ear, please contact me at 905-875-0124 (or ) or drop by the chaplain’s office.

Some prayers (We Bring Your Love, A Coronavirus Prayer and Prayer for Compassion) below:

Campanelli, LorenzoCohorts A, B and C