Return to School Bulletin Sept 08

Here we are – the evening before school officially starts!  We thank you for your patience and understanding as we have navigated our Return to School.  It has been challenging to navigate these new ways of teaching and learning – but we are confident that we will be able to deliver a great learning experience for all of our students (although there might still be a few bumps this week).

We would like to share this very important information with you:

  • Student Emails/Passwords/Access to the D2L Platforms – ALL STUDENTS (new or returning) must follow these steps:
  1. Log into the Student Information System (SIS) at: using your student number and date of birth.
  2. Locate the “Default Password” in the left margins and click on “Change here.” Students must change their passwords to continue.
  3. Log into D2L at using the Office 365 user name provided on SIS and your new password.
  4. Please visit for more info.
  • Academic Support – we are putting the finishing touches to the “Virtual Study Hall’ platform and this should be available on Thursday, Sept 10 (there will be no Academic Support for Wednesday, Sept 9).
  • Computer/Wifi Requests – students in Cohorts A and B will be provided with requested technology in their classes on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Students in Cohort C should have picked up devices today.  We are still waiting to hear from the board about access to Wifi.  Please email if you have questions.
  • Absent Teachers – we will have several teachers absent this week as we finish our staffing needs.  For Wednesday, work will be provided to students in the classroom, and for students at home (Cohort B and C) work will be provided on either the D2L platform for their class or they will receive an email to their Office 365 email (as noted earlier this is found on SIS for all students).  It is important that they check in.  For the latter part of the week, we hope to join students at home with the class through a teams meeting which will again be shared with students through their Office 365 email.
  • Previous Information Bulletins – items are listed below.  Please review these carefully with your children before tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing our Royals tomorrow, whether in person (Cohort A Period 1) or virtually!! Go Royals!!

Take care,

BR Administration and Staff

These are the information items we sent on Sept 07:

  • Student Timetables – are available on the student information system ( – the link is at the bottom of the page).  You will need your student number and birth date.  These timetables now show teachers and room numbers.  You will need the room numbers to know your “Zone” (see the link below) so that you know which entrance to use when you come to school.  Students in portables report directly to the portable and do not come into the building. We will not be changing timetables at this time.
  • “Period 1A VirtStud”  – on your timetable represents the Academic Support/Virtual Study Hall that takes place everyday from 12:45 pm – 2:00 pm (more information to come).
  • Student Emails and Access to D2L – we are finalizing the details and will send another email on Tuesday.
  • Welcome Video – all new (and returning) students should check out the welcome video from our Student Leadership YOUnity team at
  • Safety Protocols – please continue to review all safety protocols shared with you through the HCDSB Return to School site (, especially with respect to daily self assessments, physical distancing, hand washing/sanitization and the wearing of masks.  All students are expected to wear a mask at school unless parents have submitted a request for an exemption based on medical grounds (as documented on file or supported with a doctor’s note).  A non-medical material mask will be provided to students when they come to school or they may wear their own.

These were the information items we sent on Sept 4:

  • Cohorts A and B Cohort A will consist of all students with last names beginning with the letters A-K; Cohort B will consist of all students with the last names beginning with the letters L-Z.  These students will be attending school on alternating days as per the schedule noted below, and will also be engaged in synchronous learning and academic support as noted in the schedule below.  *Please note that we may need to make exceptions to these distributions to maintain maximum cohort sizes of 15, but parents/guardians would be contacted directly if this is the case.
  • Cohort C – will not attend school in the building but will participate in remote learning as part of their class.  All parents/guardians who made the decision for your children to be part of this Cohort should have received a confirmation email earlier today from the school.  If you did not receive this email, please contact the school at or 905-875-0124.
  • Daily Schedule – please see this attachment (this is a sample schedule for a typical Monday): BR Daily Schedule 2020 2021.pdf 
  • Weekly Schedule for Quadmester 1– The learning blocks remain the same everyday as noted in the Daily Schedule but the Cohorts and Periods change daily.  It is important that students know their schedule.  HCDSB-Secondary-September-2020-Schedule.pdf 
  • Attendance – all students are expected to be in their classes everyday and on time – whether they are attending virtually or in the building.  Attendance will be taken for all periods of the day.
  • My School Day App – we recommend students (and parents) download the app in order to input their daily schedules and to receive important information from the school. Please see the attachment about downloading the app.   My-School-Day-App-School-Ad.pdf 
  • School Zones – the school has been divided into Zones.  This is designed to minimize the contacts students will have during the school day.  Students must remain in their zones at all times.  Each zone has a designated entrance/exit and a washroom.  Students must review the attached maps so that they are aware of which Zone they are part of.  Map of Bishop Reding School Entrances and Zones.pdf 
O'Grady, JustineReturn to School Bulletin Sept 08