University of Waterloo Euclid Math Contest

Contest NameEuclid (Grade 11 & 12 students)
DescriptionIt will be written online but students will have to pick up their answer booklet from school a week prior to the contest (when announced). The actual test questions will be accessed online with an ID and password provided that they via e-mail. The contest will be proctored via a Teams Meeting by Mrs. Clipa. This contest is an opportunity for students to have fun and to develop their mathematical problem-solving ability. The contest takes 2.5 hours and contains 10 questions (Most of the problems are based on curricula up to and including the final year of secondary school. Some content might require students to extend their knowledge and the best way to familiarize oneself with commonly appearing topics is to practice using past contests). Students in Grade 11 who wrote the Fermat contest can also register to write the Euclid contest.
Fee$16 (for the booklets) – Payable through School Cash Online Mailing Cost (all students are responsible to mail their answer booklets back to Waterloo according to the information that will be sent closer to the contest date)
DateWednesday, April 7th, 2021
PlaceONLINE , proctored via a Teams Meeting.
Time12:00 PM– 2:30 PM
PracticeInformation on past contests and practice can be found through the link: Euclid eWorkshop can be found at:
Registration open until:March 12th, 2021
Petti, RobertoUniversity of Waterloo Euclid Math Contest