COVID-19 Daily Student Self-Screening Procedure

Students are required by the Ministry of Education and Public Health to complete and provide daily evidence of completion of the Daily COVID-19 School & Child Care Screening.

The screening can be accessed using this link:

Each day, students MUST complete the following BEFORE entering the school:

  • Complete the daily COVID screening using the link above
  • Take a screen-shot or print the green screen that indicates you are clear to go to school
  • The date in the screen-shot or print out must be from the day students are attending school
  • Students must show this green image before entering the school each day
  • Teachers will also do a double-check before allowing students to enter the classroom
  • Any student that has not completed the screening and provided evidence of clearance, will not be allowed to enter the school until it is complete
  • If a student receives a red message after completing the screening – they MUST STAY HOME and follow public health guidelines

Please contact the Vice Principals with any questions or concerns regarding the new Daily COVID-19 Self-Screening Process.

Thank You,

The Corpus Christi Admin Team

Brophy, PatrickCOVID-19 Daily Student Self-Screening Procedure