Family Jazz & Blues Music Event

with Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley, Joe Sealy, Paul Novotny, Jackie Richardson, Alison Young and Daniel Barnes

A Message from the Equity and Inclusivity Club:

Choose One or Both of the Musical Performances to Enjoy and Let the Music Play!

Performance One:

This is a “pre-recorded musical performance featuring jazz songs, and the spoken word created by multiple Maple Blues award winning artists Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley. During the performance, they educate and entertain audiences with a musical journey through history to discover the early origins of jazz and the current music they performed. This presentation is educational while entertaining.”  – the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton

Performance Two:

Africville Stories is a collection of five music videos that tell community stories with poetry and Jazz/Gospel/Soul songs and performance. Joe Sealy (CM, composer/pianist) and Paul Novotny (MA, bassist and project producer) present this collection with a well honed performance from an all-star band. Jackie Richardson – storyteller and vocals, Alison Young – Saxophone, Daniel Barnes – Drums. This stalwart (award winning) group of Canadian performers have been concertizing together for over 20 years. During this intimate 28 minute studio-live concert you will be taken away with the heart and spirit of Africville, N.S Canada.

On behalf of Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School, the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton and Triplet Records Canada:

Thank You for Participating!

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Brophy, PatrickFamily Jazz & Blues Music Event