Mandatory E-learning Credits for Secondary Students – Opt-out Form

The Ministry of Education has mandated that all students must earn a minimum of two (2) online learning (e-learning) credits to graduate from a secondary school in Ontario, beginning with students who entered Grade 9 in the 2020-2021 school year.

What are E-learning Courses or Credits?

For the purposes of Policy/Program Memorandum 167online learning courses or online learning credits, also known as “e-learning” courses or credits, are Grades 9 to 12 credit courses that are delivered entirely using the internet and do not require students to be physically present with one another or with their educator in the school, except where they may be needed for examinations and other final evaluations and/or access to internet connectivity, learning devices or other school-based supports. 

Opt-out of Mandatory E-learning Courses

As part of this mandate, parents and guardians of students currently in Grades 8-10 may choose to opt-out of the mandatory e-learning courses required for graduation from secondary school.

If you have a child currently enrolled in Grades 9-10 at our school, and would like to opt them out of mandatory e-learning courses in secondary school, please complete the opt-out form below and return it to school by Wednesday, April 20th.

All signed copies must be printed and returned in hard copy to the school. Digital copies of the signed form will NOT be accepted.

If you choose to opt your child out of e-learning, you can always opt back in at a later time.  

NOTE: If you do not wish to opt-out of mandatory e-learning courses, you do not need to complete this form.

More Information

Additional information about e-learning can be found on Page 2 of the e-learning opt-out form: E-learning Opt-out Form

For more information on Policy/Program Memorandum 167, please visit the Government of Ontario website.

Gligoric, JulianaMandatory E-learning Credits for Secondary Students – Opt-out Form