Celebrating our Athletes – 2022 Athletic Banquet

After a 5 year hiatus, Corpus Christi returned to an evening gala format to celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes!

The event was an overwhelming success with over 250 athletes and coaches in attendance. Thank you to the Physical Education Department, led by Mr. Biturajac, for hosting the event and thank you the the Corpus Christi AV Club, led by Mr. Karniej, for turning the award ceremony into a dynamic and multimedia spectacle! Amongst both students and staff, there are MVPs everywhere at Corpus and it was a great night to celebrate our amazing athletics program!

The 2022 Corpus Christi Athletic Awards Winners:

Corpus Christi Athletic Awards Major Winners: 
Marcus Maesano – Christian Athlete Award
Gabriela Masri-Ahmar – Student Athletic Council Award
Xavier Niles – Most Promising Male Athlete
Lauren McIntyre – Most Promising Female Athlete
Matthew Meagher – Senior Male Sportsmanship Award
Bailey Pringle – Senior Female Sportsmanship Award
Kyle Ferguson – Junior Male Sportsmanship Award
Daniella Preston – Junior Female Sportsmanship Award
Alexa Pericak – Tri Achievement Award 
Zoe Mainville – Elite Community Award of Distinction 
Ryan Tharby – Junior Male Athlete of the Year
Gracie Harvey – Junior Female Athlete of the Year
Owen Parkes – Senior Male Athlete of the Year
Alexandra Ferguson – Senior Female Athlete of the Year


Brophy, PatrickCelebrating our Athletes – 2022 Athletic Banquet