Spirit Wear Day

October 21, 2021 all day

Good Morning Corpus Christi Families,

Please check your School Cash Online account for an item titled “Civvies Donation 2021-22”. The civvies donation is $20 for the school year and will cover TEN civvies days (one per month on the last Thursday of the month) and EIGHT spirit days. Please note that Corpus Christi students are ALWAYS welcome to wear their student uniform to school on civvies days if they do not wish to participate.

Our Student Council has proposed that we offer a Longhorns Spirit Wear Day this Friday, October 22.  Spirit Wear includes team jerseys, gradwear, or any other clothing that says LONGHORNS or is related to Corpus Christi.  Dressing in orange would also be appropriate. If you choose not to participate, you may wear your Corpus Christi uniform.

The full uniform policy, including dress code guidelines for non-uniform days and events, can be found on our website:  https://secondary.hcdsb.org/corpuschristi/about/uniform-policy/

Dress Code Guidelines for Non-Uniform Days & Events

  • clothing with inappropriate logos, sayings, pictures or graphics of any kind is not acceptable at school
  • tank tops, halter tops, crop/midriff tops, cut-off shorts and torn jeans are not to be worn at school; no bare midriffs, bare shoulders or spaghetti straps
  • no short skirts, low rise jeans or pyjamas and slippers are allowed; no chains, studded collars or studded wristbands are acceptable
  • no hats are to be worn inside the building
  • students may not wear coloured scarves or handkerchiefs that identify them as belonging to a particular group, in other words “no gang colours”
  • shorts should cover to mid-thigh when seated

The Administration reserves the right to decide on appropriate attire.


The Administrative Team

Braccio, Anne-MarieSpirit Wear Day