Late Policy

    1. If you are not in your period 1 class by 8:25 a.m. at the start of the Anthem and Morning Prayer, you are late.
    2. Students who arrive late to school due to an appointment etc. must sign in to the Attendance Office, with a note from a parent/guardian, in order to obtain an admit-to-class slip. Students who have parental approval for appointments etc. will then be admitted to class.


    3. Students who are less than 20 minutes late to any class AND who have less than 5 lates to that class are to go directly to the class and the teacher will deal with the matter in the following manner:
      Occurrence Action
      1–4 lates Teacher must contact parents by at least the 4th late and must document date of contact on tracking sheet before student will be seen by the Vice Principal
      5th Late Student referred to Vice Principal with tracking sheet.
      Vice Principal reviews late policy with student.
      Vice Principal contacts parents and informs them that any subsequent lates may result in a suspension.
      Student may remain in the office for the remainder of the period and/or be assigned a lunch or after school detention
      6th Late Lunch/after school detention
      7th Late Lunch/after school detention(s)
      8th Late Withdrawal from school privileges and/or suspension(s) at the discretion of school Administration
    4. After 8:45 a.m., report to the attendance secretary. Students will not be allowed into class if they are more than 20 minutes late without parent verification; consequently, students MUST report to the Attendance Office for a late slip. The student may be sent back to class at the discretion of the classroom teacher and administration.
    5. Students receiving a late slip must immediately report to the class, failure to do so may result in a suspension.

The late policy is intended to ensure minimal disruption to our learning environment and to promote self-discipline and time management skills.

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