Black History Month

Black History Month: I Am Who I Am
Sometimes we think we can know another with a glance; that their accent, hairstyle, clothes, or skin colour tells us all we need to know. When we stereotype or judge another we miss so much. Each of us, made in the image and likeness of God, is much more than what we think we know. During Black History Month we are invited to take on the humility of a learner as we listen to others share a little of their rich history.

Prayer: Will focus on Black History Month and the theme, “I am who I am”.
History: Mr. Webber will bring Canadian History to life, revealing some of the history of Black people in Canada.
Morning Music: On Tuesdays our morning music will be Christian music by Black artists. On Wednesdays we will recount the history of Jamaica through its music.
Black History Assembly: Presented on Wed Feb 19 in the gym to all classes. It will include music, guest speaker Jeff Martin and a video.
Resources: Valuable, student-friendly resources will be shared for classroom use and personal study.
Atrium Activities: On Friday February 28 we will have a community building and learning in the Atrium over lunches. A group of students will create display on Black History.
Bulletin Board: Bios of musicians featured on morning music; summary of Mr. Webber’s historical features, schedule of events, inspirational quotes.
Posters: Black History Month Posters will be displayed.

Lozowsky, MaryBlack History Month