Chaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Thursday May 28

We are in the last days of our celebration of Easter.  Our sacred history attests to victory of life. Death itself cannot overcome us.  Easter teaches us that even when we feel abandoned and alone,  as Jesus was on the cross, God’s Spirit surrounds us. Resurrection is at hand.  Wherever we are, whatever season of life we are in,  we can trust that the God who loves us has plans for our good. 

We are the Easter people, Alleluia is our song 
Let us rejoice, let us sing out Jesus is risen, Alleluia! 
He died for us, now He is risen,  
We share his life, Jesus is Lord. 
His light shines out, dispelling darkness 
Tell the whole world, Jesus is Lord. 
Proclaim His glory, Christ is the Saviour 
He dies no more, Jesus is Lord. 
God’s people sing, you share His victory 
Have no more fear, Jesus is Lord. (Easter hymn) 

Lozowsky, MaryChaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Thursday May 28