Chaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Friday June 12

Lord we thank you for the multitude of blessings you give us each day. 

For the smiles of strangers we pass on the street, 

For the warmth of friends that reaches across the distances between us,  

We are grateful. 

We praise you for the warmth of the sun, for the cool of the shade 

And the abundant greenery that has sprung from the earth. 

Through moments of silence and bursts of exuberant joy, 

Sustain us. 

Nurture us with awareness of your presence  

In the songs of the birds, in the laughter of children 

And the music of the wind in the trees. 

With these gifts, Lord, strengthen us, 

So we have the heart to continue the labour 

Of being your love made present in the world. 

Lozowsky, MaryChaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Friday June 12