Chaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Friday June 5

Loving God, we place our trust in you. 

Through your grace we will find our way. 

Our health and communities will recover from the Pandemic, 

We will gather face to face in celebration, 

Our long-term care homes will become places of loving care that uphold the dignity of the aged, 

Our racist structures will be healed. 

To every human problem, there is a solution, 

For every human error, there is a remedy. 

You have already provided a new and vibrant way forward through the brilliance of your people. 

Help us dare to reach for better ways. 

Help us to listen … 

   To racialized groups who already know what structures will allow them to flourish 

   To the life experiences of marginalized people 

   To the wisdom of medical researchers 

   To new ideas and old ways that feed the human spirit. 

With deep humility, with courageous honesty, with open hearts, 

You will lead us to fullness of life, Lord. 

Lozowsky, MaryChaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Friday June 5