Chaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Thursday June 18

God, thank you for the gift of community, 

for the sense of connection, 

of knowing our worth to others. 

We thank you for the way those feelings of connection 

cross space and time, wrapping us in love. 

We belong, even at those times we feel adrift and apart. 

We matter, even when we forget our own giftedness. 

We contribute, even if we don’t think it’s noticed. 

Community is not easy.  

Give us wisdom to navigate difficult situations. 

Communities can hurt. 

Give us compassion to heal and forgive. 

Be with our communities of family, work or study. 

Strengthen and broaden the circle of our communities  

that all may be welcomed. 

God who is love, in all times help us to know 

that each one of us is your Beloved, 

then treat self and others accordingly. 

Lozowsky, MaryChaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Thursday June 18