Chaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Thursday June 25

Lord God, we are grateful that we have made it through 

this most unusual and trying year.  

We have endured many losses – of the familiar and comfortable, 

the rituals and patterns we took for granted, 

and the special events we anticipated with such eagerness.  

With hope, with trust in your good plans for us, we persevered. 

We reflected your glory in our amazing ability to innovate, 

to adjust and to grower stronger and closer, 

and to take new pleasure in the simple things of life. 

God, in your gracious love you invite us to co-create,  

to open new doors and bring new life out of chaos. 

As we take leave of each other for the summer  

Keep us safe from all harm, grant us refreshment of mind and body, 

and all manner of good things. Amen 

Lozowsky, MaryChaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Thursday June 25