Chaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Tuesday June 23

Remember, remember that Creator is the wind on my face,  

the rain in my hair, the sun that warms me.  

Creator is the trees, rocks, grasses, the majesty of the sky 

and the intense mystery of the universe. 

Creator is the infant who giggles at me in the grocery line, 

the beggar who reminds me how rich I really am, 

the idea that fires my most brilliant moment,  

the feeling that fuels my most loving act  

and the part of me that yearns for that feeling again and again. 

Whatever ceremony, ritual, meditation, song, thought  

or action it takes to reconnect to that feeling is what I need to do today 

… Remember. 

Richard Wagamese 

Lozowsky, MaryChaplain’s Corner – Prayer for Tuesday June 23