January 17, 2020 – Announcements

From: Mr. Sluski – Math Department: every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

To all those interested in taking the Grade 9, Grade 10, or Grade 11 Math contest.  Please sign up by paying $5.15 through School Cash Online by February 6th.  Contest takes place during Period 1 on Tuesday, February 25th. For more information, see your Math teacher.”

From: Mr. Stanlake

Attention HT music students and band members – Please return ALL borrowed instruments and materials back to storage by the last day of classes for semester one (that’s Wednesday, January 22nd!) so that they may be checked and inventoried for next semester.

From: Ms. Latimer – Student Services

Attention HT Students! If you are planning on making course changes to your timetable for semester 2, please make an appt with your counselor NOW! Spaces are limited for courses for semester 2, and wait lists are forming! You can make an appt on your lunch, before or after school. You can check your schedules using the Student Information System (SIS) on the Holy Trinity website.

Attention Seniors! Night School for semester 2 is now available. Please check the Night School course availability through the HT website OR come down to Student Services!

Attention All Students: Make sure you check the student info system for changes to rooms for second semester.

Braccio, Anne-MarieJanuary 17, 2020 – Announcements