February 5, 2020 – Announcements

From: Mr. Sluski – Math Department

To all those interested in taking the Grade 9, Grade 10, or Grade 11 Math contest.  Please sign up by paying $5.15 through School Cash Online by February 6th.  Contest takes place during Period 1 on Tuesday, February 25th. For more information, see your Math teacher.”

From: Ms. Waechter

Attention all eLearning Students!

If you are currently enrolled in an eLearning course for semester 2, you should have already received your introductory email from your eLearning teacher and therefore, have been able to log on to your course.  If you have NOT received you email or are having difficulty logging on, please come down to the Guidance Office on your lunch to see Miss Waechter, or your Guidance Counsellor.

From: Ms. Weryho

Attention All Grads

If you have not completed your grad application online, you must do so immediately and bring in the signed document along with proof of payment to Mrs. Weryho or Ms. Di Pasquale.

If you have already completed your grad application online but did not hand in your signed document and show proof of payment on January 22nd, please bring this to Mrs. Weryho or Ms. Di Pasquale before Friday February 7th.

items needed for the grad ceremony and other grad events will not be ordered for you.



From: Ms. Vasiliaskas

Black History Month

As we begin Black History month, let us reflect on our goals for this new semester by learning from one of Canada’s strongest athletes; Sam Langford, a fierce professional boxer from Nova Scotia who fought across North America during his career. Langford was an impressive competitor with a strong winning streak, being named the heavyweight champion of Mexico, Canada, Australia, and England. Though he was praised by many other professionals he worked with, racial obstacles prevented him from reaching his goals. It was a time when esteemed white boxers did not want to be involved in fights with black opponents. Langford lost his vision in his right eye due to a match, however he continued to fight. His fearless actions and perseverance continued though other people attempted to bring him down from his passion in life. Lanford passed away in 1956 at the age of 72. Let this be a reminder for us to remain committed to our goals, both big and small, no matter the circumstances that try to draw us away from them.

From: Mr. Hoch

The HT Environment Club

This Thursday, February 6th students and teachers are invited to wear a GREEN sweater or top (Uniform pants required for students) to show your support for the annual Canada wide National Sweater Day.

On Thursday, the Board will be holding classroom temperatures to between 19 and 19.5 degrees and no higher.

If you wish to participate you may wear a green or mostly green top to show your support for this climate action day.

From: Ms. Consoli

Any Grade 10, 11 or 12 French student who is interested in attending a French cultural trip on February 18th, please see Madame Consoli in room 328 for a permission form and for details.  This is for students studying French in either 1st or 2nd semester.

From: Mr. Sluski

From the Curling Coaches

Congratulations to both the Boys and Girls Competitive Curling teams on Advancing to the Semi-Finals on February 10th.  Go Titans!”

Attention Grade 9 Teachers

Please allow the members of the Bantam Boys Basketball team into class today out of uniform and dismiss them at 10:30 am for their game.


Braccio, Anne-MarieFebruary 5, 2020 – Announcements