Digital Learning Resources

The following are links to a variety of digital resources for students and families to access during this period of school closure due to COVID-19. These resources are not intended to replace the curriculum which students would have been receiving if they had been back in school. They are intended to help keep students engaged as we transition to a teacher led learning environment. 

As a school, we remain committed to creating teaching and learning conditions that will, as best as possible given the circumstances, lead to the successful completion of the school year for all students.

Celebrating the Gift of our Families

For secondary students
Here is a list of educational resources and activities that secondary students can use to improve their skills and build a daily routine:
Celebrating the Gift of our Families Learning Resource

Learn at Home Resources

On Friday, March 20th, the Ministry of Education released the first phase of the Learn at Home resources to support student learning during this school closure due to COVID-19. They are designed as supplementary resources to help students practice math and literacy skills during the two-week school closure period.  

TVO ILC – Full access to over 140 courses!

For Grades 9 to 12
TVO ILC invites students to join the free online TVO ILC Open House, where they can keep up with their studies or deepen their understanding through an open preview of all 144 Grade 9 to 12 courses.

TVO Mathify

For Grades 6 to 10
Free, one-on-one online support provided by Ontario Certified Teachers, is available to help students improve their math skills. Now accessible Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm, and Sunday from 3:30pm to 9pm. Build math understanding and confidence with the help of a math tutor!

High School Courses — Keep up with studies

For Grades 9 to 12
Students can review, refresh and extend their learning. During this time of school closure, teacher-facilitated online courses are being temporarily adapted to allow for independent study (not for credit). You can begin when you like and work at your own pace.

Parents, Guardians or Caregivers

The Ontario curriculum

For Kindergarten to Grade 12
Browse the curriculum to find what skills and knowledge students learn by the end of each grade.

Additional Resources for Parents & Students

Resources have been posted online to help families during this time of uncertainty:

For more information and latest updates, visit the Board’s website:  

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