School Liaison Officer Program Consultation

Our school board is currently seeking feedback on the School Liaison Officers Program in our HCDSB schools from the following groups of individuals:

  • Parents with one or more children currently attending an HCDSB school in Grades 7 to 12
  • Students currently attending an HCDSB school in Grades 7 to 12
  • HCDSB School Administrators
  • HCDSB School Staff (Grades 7-12) who would be familiar with the SLO Program
  • Community Organizations
  • School Liaison Officers (Halton Region Police Service)

What is the School Liaison Officers (SLO) Program?

School Liaison Officers are designated police officers who are assigned by Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) to offer direct support to schools. School Liaison Officers attend schools to engage with students and participate in school events related to public safety, as well as to provide education on a number of topics including bike and road safety, bullying prevention, drugs and alcohol education, and internet/social media safety. At the elementary school level, this program begins in Grade 6. 

Why Are We Seeking Feedback on the SLO Program?

At the Regular Board Meeting held on December 7, 2021, the Board of Trustees received a Staff Report on the School Liaison Officer Program offered in Halton schools. At this meeting, a motion was passed requesting staff to temporarily pause the School Liaison Officer Program in HCDSB schools until such time as feedback on the program and its effectiveness can be gathered from our community.

Online Survey

The groups noted above will receive an email with a link to the survey to share their feedback on the School Liaison Officers Program. These groups are encouraged to share their experiences with and perceptions of the SLO Program through this online survey. 

The information gathered through this survey, as well as information received through focus groups conducted separately from this survey, will be shared with the Board of Trustees at the Board Meeting on April 19, 2022.

Gligoric, JulianaSchool Liaison Officer Program Consultation