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Send Messages of Kindness and Encouragement to Students in Kenya Africa Let Them Know that They are Not Forgotten

The Loyola Global Aid Club would like to invite all Loyola Hawks to join their efforts in sending well wishes of hope to students in Kenya Africa!

“Do not lose hope!”  This is the video message that the Loyola Global Aid Club is sending to a primary and secondary school in Kenya Africa. The Loyola Global Aid Club supports Chalice Canada to help impoverished communities globally to overcome the cycle of poverty. Education is the first and most important step in breaking the cycle. Too often, children must skip class or drop out of school to carry water, care for siblings, or earn money for their families and the coronavirus has compounded this problem.

As Covid-19 demands social distancing, primary and secondary schools in Africa have completely closed. Many of these students are now living without the safety net of school, shaking their already unstable living situation.

The coronavirus outbreak has been a wake-up call for many countries on how they deliver their education. And it has presented challenges for African countries where education has long operated under the traditional classroom model, owing to limited online resources. Chalice workers will show the videos to each student at a community centre during their scheduled visit for donations.

We hope that you will be an agent of hope! Help us to send messages of kindness and encouragement!


Interested students are invited to send Mrs. Harkin 2- three-minute videos; one for the primary school and one for the secondary school in Kenya.

Students will receive 10 hours of community service hours from Mrs. Harkin for submitting the 2 – three-minute videos to Mrs. Harkin.

If interested, email Mrs. Harkin for complete details


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