Student Access to Lockers

Dear Loyola Families,

A booking system is now available for you to sign up to come to Loyola. 15 minute time slots are available from June 15 and 18 to pick up your child’s belongings and return school materials.  Please complete a booking for each child that attends Loyola who needs to access their belongings.  In following with our Covid-19 safety protocols only a limited number of students are permitted in the building during any given time slot.

The link is now closed. Please contact Mrs. Morrow (Vice Principal) if you need further assistance.

It has also been emailed out via our school messenger system.

You will receive a confirmation of your booking once it is completed.  Only students who have a confirmed time will be allowed access to the school.  Families are reminded to review the attached School Access Protocol  to ensure that everyone remains safe during the process. Please bring your own bags to remove your school items.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincere thanks,

Loyola Administration

Wong, KevinStudent Access to Lockers