Quad 4 Book & Resource Return

Quad 4 Textbook & Materials Return

Students are required to return all borrowed textbooks, library books, instruments, laptops, tech equipment, etc. to the school on the following days.

Wednesday June 23, 202111:45 – 3:00 PM
Thursday June 24, 202111:45 – 3:00 PM

Tables will be set up by department at the front of the school near the cafeteria. Students are asked to label all materials with their name and their teacher’s name.

No materials are to be dropped off on June 25 as this is our Loyola Grad Day for grade 12 students.

Students who have borrowed laptops from the school must return the laptop and all accessories to the school. If you have signed up for summer school and need the device to complete summer school, please complete the form below to keep the device over the summer.

Any laptops or equipment borrowed from the Special Education Department need to be labelled SEA and put on the Special Education Equipment Table.


When you come to the school to return your materials please ensure:

  • You complete the self-screening before you come on school property and ensure you have received the green check mark to go to school.
  • You do not enter the school- materials will be dropped off outside
  • You are masked and physically distanced while on school property
  • The materials you are returning are labelled with your name and your teacher’s name
  • Once you drop off your books, you promptly leave school property

Morrow, AmandaQuad 4 Book & Resource Return