Wednesday February 2, 2022

Development & Peace Club

There will be a meeting for all members in the Development and Peace Club today, right after school, in room 237.

Waterloo Math Contest Last Day to Register!

Today is the last day to register for the University of Waterloo Math Contest. To register, you must pay the $5 deposit on School Cash on line. Registration closes tonight at 11:59pm.

Black History Month

The Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton is hosting their Black History Month kickoff celebration tonight at 7:00 pm, this year’s focus will be ‘Imagining” futures’. All are invited and you can register through Eventbrite. The event will be livestreamed through the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. 

Harriet Tubman is a truly inspirational and well-known abolitionist who saved countless lives in her fight for freedom. Tubman was born enslaved in 1822, in Dorchester County, Maryland, and her early life was filled with struggles and hardships. After several unsuccessful attempts at escaping her owners, Tubman finally made her way North with the help of anti slavery activists and safe houses known today as the underground railway. Tubman returned 13 times to help family, friends and others escape slavery and leave the United States in secrecy under very dangerous circumstances, saving over 70 lives because of her bravery. After the Fugitive Slave Act was passed in 1850, Tubman brought fugitives into Canada, which was still British North America then and helped them settle and find jobs. Tubman accessed our Canadian Underground Railway and lived in St. Catherine’s for many years while she set up routes of escape. Once the American Civil War began, Tubman played many roles, including nurse, army scout and even a spy.  She was the first woman to lead an armed expedition into the war and contributed to the liberation of 700 slaves. Tubman continued to fight for freedoms throughout her life and was a committed activist for the women’s suffrage movement. Tubman is one of the most iconic and well respected American and Canadian activists and her legacy continues to this day.  She continues to inspire those fighting for equality, justice and civil rights.

Her image and her incredible story are shared in memorials, books and film, on statues, taught in schools and very soon on the new American $20 bill. Today we honour Harriet Tubman for her strength of character, her commitment to freedom, her pursuit of equality, her love of God and others and her incredible resolve and sacrifice.

Scott, JoanneWednesday February 2, 2022