Student Access to Lockers

Dear Loyola Families,

A booking system is now available for you to sign up to come to Loyola. 15 minute time slots are available from June 15 and 18 to pick up your child’s belongings and return school materials. 


Loyola Athletics 2019-2020 MVPs

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Vote for your new student council!

Make sure you are logged into your Loyola Google Account to view and vote. Voting will close on Monday, June 8th. Click the link and listen to the Candidates before casting your vote.


Valedictorian Application

We’re looking for people interested in being the class Valedictorian for the Class of 2020. This will include an address with our virtual celebration in June and the in person ceremony at a later date.


Student Council graphic

Student Council 2020/2021

We’re looking for people to run for President and Vice President for Student Council. For those interested in running as a grade rep, please scroll lower.

Running for President and Vice President
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Prefects wanted for 2020/2021

We’re looking for senior students that are interested in being prefects for the 2020/2021 school year.

Students will need their Loyola Google Account to complete the application. Please have these completed by Friday,

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