Academic Awards 2020-21

Welcome Notre Dame Students and Parents

This year, we are celebrating Notre Dame’s 31st Annual Academic Awards.  

We are excited to share with our school community our tradition of recognizing our students who use their God-given talents to achieve academic excellence and demonstrate positive Christian values. Here you will find those students who have achieved at least an academic average of 80% while taking eight courses and those who have attained the highest mark in a subject area with a Subject Proficiency Award. Finally, we recognize those students who have attained the highest overall averages in their respective grades for the 2020 – 2021 school year. These students are to be commended for their tremendous achievement.

Award recipients will have their certificates delivered to their period 1 classes on Tuesday, October 26.

On behalf on the Notre Dame community, we wish to congratulate all our recipients.

Special Awards

Top Students By Grade

Grade 11 Award Recipients

Adams – Carter

Chester – Goldberg

Gonsalves – Manning

Mason – Pattenden

Pecyna – Scullion

Serianni – Wilson

Worobec – Zarankin

Grade 10 Award Recipients

Aguiar – Caisie

Callan – Farquharson

Flores – Kastelic

Kay – McAleese

McAnanama – Petit

Piche – Scholman

Serianni – Vickers

Wanders – Zinn

Grade 9 Award Recipients

Abraham – Creelman

Crowley – Godsmark

Golden – King

King-Ladouceur – Papagianis

Parker – Sloboda

Smith – Vella

Villarta – Zinn

Montesi, GabrielAcademic Awards 2020-21