Students in Grade 7-12 are Invited to Participate in a Stock Market Competition!

The HCDSB Student Senate is hosting a Stock Market competition, and students in Grades 7-12 are invited to participate!

About the Stock Market Competition

The stock market competition will run from February 14th to May 13th, 2022, and will take place on Investopedia, a stock market simulator.

The competition will provide students with “money” to use towards investments of their choice. The objective of the competition is to have your money grow as much as possible by investing in reliable and successful companies.

At the end of the competition, the top 3 students will be awarded with a prize! 

Register Now!

If you are interested in participating in the Stock Market competition, please register by completing the following form:

After registering, you will receive a follow-up email with password and Investopedia registration information, as well as information on the stock market itself. 

Please keep an eye out for the follow-up email on February 11th from the competition organizers.

More Information

If you have any questions about the competition, please reach out to Rosalba Sgambelluri at: or Choeying Zangmo at:

For more information about the competition, top prizes and guest speakers, please follow the HCDSB Student Senate on Instagram: @HCDSBSenate. To learn more about the Investopedia stock market simulator, please visit their website.

Thank you for your time and interest in the stock market competition!

Gligoric, JulianaStudents in Grade 7-12 are Invited to Participate in a Stock Market Competition!