Don’t. Give. Up. Lent 2022.

This Lent DON’T (Go for your favourite foods, continue bad habits)

Do GIVE (of your time ,talent and treasure)

Look UP (Pray for peace, for those who are sick or battling illness and for the vulnerable children and adults of our world ). 

But most of all DON’T GIVE UP on peace, love, joy, kindness,patience,faithfulness,gentleness,self-control,giving,selflessness. 

Most of all don’t give up the HOPE Jesus gives us as he leads us through lent. HOPE that through prayer, giving, and being grateful we can understand that all fear, darkness, and evil has been destroyed through the cross. 

Don’t Give Up on faith and simple gestures of love this lent. Pray for all people affected by war, especially our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Robinson, BarbDon’t. Give. Up. Lent 2022.