STA House Band performing at Oakville Ribfest

STA HouseBand

At St Thomas Aquinas C.S.S, in Oakville exists a club, run after school, that not only promotes music but friendship and comradery. It is known as the STA Rock Club. Organized by Mr.  Taraschi and Ms. Balogh, students sign up at the beginning of the year, declaring a musical instrument, are put into a 5-7 piece band and work towards the ultimate goal of playing songs at two shows throughout the year-Rock the Halls and Rock on the Lakeshore.  HouseBand is a band in Rock Club that encompasses the senior members of Rock Club. Its primary focus is to represent the school and play live at events within the school as well as outside.   The STA Houseband will be performing Sunday, June 28th 12.00 – 2.00 pm.

Perusin, AdrianoSTA House Band performing at Oakville Ribfest