Raising Resilient Children

Parents, Guardians and students are invited to the St. Thomas Aquinas Theatre on February 27th 7 pm for a presentation on “Raising Resilient Children”.

What: A presentation for parents, caregivers, staff members and children that demonstrate principles of living to encourage a healthy, resilient and meaningful life. This presentation is of interest to promote a solid foundation of healthy living, and prepare children for the inevitable challenges and struggles they will face in their futures.

How: It focuses on developing personal resiliency in our children as the survival strategy for the 21st Century.

Why: Too often parents buffer their children from the reasonable and natural consequences of their own actions. Parents that overprotect or rescue their children rob them of the opportunity to develop a track record of success in dealing with the pitfalls of life. This often leaves a child without the self-worth and problem solving skills necessary to function in society. This presentation encourages children to respond to life by choice rather than react to life by chance.


  1. Overcome Failure
  2. Deal with Disappointment
  3. Cultivate a Healthy Self Image
  4. Delay Gratification
  5. Contribute to Others
  6. Deal with Struggles of Life
  7. Become Assertive rather than Aggressive
  8. Examine their Choices

About Sherry Campbell Sherry Campbell M.A. RSW RP
As an experienced workshop presenter and conference speaker, Sherry Campbell has offered dynamic workshops for organizations such as; Canada Revenue Agency, the Greenwood Group, Niagara Regional Police, Casino Niagara as well as multiple District School Boards across Ontario to name a few. She has become well known and recommended for her ability to provide Resiliency Training in the Workplace, Personal Resiliency in Challenging Times, Raising Resilient Children & Mental Health Education and Training.

Sherry earned her Master’s Degree in Life Span Developmental Psychology and she is a Registered Social Worker. She has extensive training and experience in trauma, marital, individual, group counselling as well as personal growth. Sherry has continued her education through over 27 years of clinical experience.

She is the principal counsellor and owner of Sherry Campbell Group offering personal, couples and family counselling services throughout the Niagara Region. The group has expanded to answer the call of corporate mental wellness with a full range of counselling, coaching, workshops and retreats for both employees and executives.

For more information visit www.sherrycampbellgroup.com


Please review the powerpoint from Sherry Campbell.

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