Student/Parent Protocol for Access to Schools for Locker Clean Out and Return of School Materials

Attention STA students, parents, and guardians. If you haven’t already selected an access time to drop off school items and empty your locker, please click on the links below to choose a date and time.

This will be the only time to clean out lockers for students. Items will be discarded during the summer.

School Access Protocol:

  • Students/Parents/Guardians are required to book an appointment via the Google Doc to gain entry to the school building.
  • Prior to your scheduled drop off/pick up time frame, you are required to read the full list of instructions outlined in the: HCDSB Secondary School Access for Student Belongings Protocol for Secondary Students/Parents/Guardians . This protocol explains in full detail what to expect as we provide temporary access to our school.
  • Students/Parents/Guardians must adhere to all protocols as outlined by the board at all times (in particular, physical distancing)
  • Students/Parents/Guardians who do not book an appointment will not be granted access to the building
  • Students/Parents/Guardians must adhere to the scheduled time.  If you show up late, you will have to wait until a free time period becomes available, which could be the end of that day or a following day.

We have included additional school guidelines/reminders, in order to ensure a safe and orderly protocol for the locker clean up days.

  • Consider a 2-meter distance when parking your vehicle.
  • Social distancing requirements will be adhered to while waiting to gain access to the building.  Pylons will be set up outside the front door to ensure a 2-meter distance between individuals. 
  • Entry to the school building will be through the front door where you will need to be checked in and provided with 2 garbage bags.  One bag will be for personal items, the 2nd bag will be for any garbage which needs to be discarded.
  • Please note that only one (1) individual (either the secondary student or parent/guardian) will be permitted to enter the school for their scheduled time slot. 
  • You will be provided a 15-minute period to retrieve your items from your locker. 
  • A hand sanitation station will be provided at the front entrance.  Gloves and masks will not be provided, you can bring your own personal protective wear if desired.
  • Students required to transition to the 2nd and 3rd floors will be directed by the stairwell directly beside the office. Students with lockers on the 1st floor will be directed to their lockers.  Directional arrows will be taped onto the floor to ensure an orderly and safe flow in the hallways.
  • Students who are bringing in textbooks/technology/ or other equipment from home will be directed to drop them off at specific locations on the floor where their locker is located.
  • All items should have a sticky note or masking tape with the student name and teacher name  – for books, it should be on the outside cover; for other items,  it should be attached with tape or a pin.
  • Students who need to pick up an Epi Pen must inform the staff member when they are signing in. 
  • Once you have completed your locker clean-up you will be directed to the south exit (Lakeshore side)  in the building (follow directional arrows), transition to the 1st floor where you will be checked out by a staff member before leaving the building. A hand sanitization station will be available for you to use prior to leaving the building. 
Ieraci, JustinStudent/Parent Protocol for Access to Schools for Locker Clean Out and Return of School Materials