Our IB Results

We are proud to announce our IB results for our June 2020 Graduating Class.

  1. 52 out of 57 students received the diploma.
  2. The average points awarded to a candidate was 34.
  3. The average grade obtained by candidates who passed the diploma was 5.41.
  4. The highest diploma points awarded was 42, and one student obtained this score.
  5. Four students scored 40.
  6. Three students scored 39.
  7. 42 students scored 30 points or above.
  8. Four students received an A in TOK, and 16 students received a B.
  9. Three students received an A in EE, and 8 students received a B.

As a whole the school did very well in comparison to international results. Please see the table below itemizing subject results (school average vs. worldwide average):

Subject Group2020 Avg Grade School2020 Avg Grade Worldwide2019 Avg Grade School2019 Avg Grade Worldwide
English Lang & Lit HL5.75 4.985.674.96
French B SL5.515.035.475.03
Economics SL5.564.724.734.65
History Europe HL5.004.845.124.77
Biology HL4.764.375.004.33
Biology SL6.004.255.714.17
Chemistry HL5.384.454.724.50
Chemistry SL4.633.894.754.00
Physics SL6.
Mathematics HL4.924.76
Mathematics SL4.924.245.024.18
Ieraci, JustinOur IB Results