The Prime Minister’s Youth Council (PMYC)

A new recruitment campaign for the next cohort of Council members for the Prime Minister’s Youth Council (PMYC) has been launched!

The Prime minister is accepting applications for the next cohort of members. Canadian youth, permanent residents and protected persons aged 16-24 years can apply. This means that you could be the next members of the PMYC!

The application deadline is August 17, 2020.

The PMYC is a group of young Canadians, between the ages of 15 and 24, who provides non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada on issues of importance to them and to all Canadians.

Youth Council members meet both online and in person several times a year to discuss issues that matter to their peers, their community, and their country. They also engage with local and national organizations, meet with policy makers and decision-makers like Cabinet Ministers, and attend public events.

How can you help?

Apply! Young people can often undervalue their contributions and lived experiences. Your voices matter, and you can advocate for your communities in a meaningful way.

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Ieraci, JustinThe Prime Minister’s Youth Council (PMYC)