A Message from Student Services


Parents and Guardians are currently able to view their son(s)/daughter(s) timetable by logging onto the Student Information System (SIS)  https://webapps.hcdsb.org/sis/

To view a student’s timetable, you require the student’s Student Number (not their OEN number) and the Student’s Date of Birth.

It is very important that each student access their timetable before the start of class, as students will not be receiving a paper copy this year (due to Covid-19).

Guidance Counsellor Appointments

Guidance counselors have been meeting with students virtually and by phone to make required course changes since Thursday, August 27th

Students who required a course change due to one of the following reasons (below) should have completed this change:

  • replacing a course that was taken over the summer
  • making a level change
  • making a pathway change for grade 11 and grade 12 students
  • adding a required compulsory course.
  • adding courses for a new student

Please note that guidance counselors will not be doing face to face meetings until further notice. If you need to speak to a counsellor, please contact Mrs. Hayward at haywardd@hcdsb.org  or if you are an IB student Mrs. Subic  subics@hcdsb.org.

Important Information: If you require a change that alters SEMESTER 1, PERIOD 1 or PERIOD 2, the deadline is Monday, September 14th.

The only changes that guidance will be making to period 1 or 2 courses are for the following reasons:

  • new registrations to St. Thomas Aquinas
  • you have taken a summer school and that course is still on your timetable
  • you are missing a compulsory credit
  • you are a grade 9 – 11 student and do not have a full timetable
  • you are in a course you do not have the prerequisite for

Please be advised that changes that will impact a student’s cohort (i.e. A or B) during Quad 1 Semester 1 (period 1 and 2 – the first 10 weeks of semester 1) will not be accommodated. Counselors can still be available to students/parents and guardians regarding changes for Semester 1 – period 4 and 5 and for Semester 2.

Ieraci, JustinA Message from Student Services