Bus and Drop Off Protocols


  • Students are to remain in their assigned seat for the duration of the ride to and from school; a seating chart will be created by school administration.
  • Students must wear masks while riding the bus.
  • Students are to try and maintain social distancing on the bus as much as possible.
  • Students are encouraged to use hand sanitizer when getting on and off the bus.


  • School buses will drop off students in front of football field gate; when weather is suitable students are to disembark and transition to the designated area on the football field.  During inclement weather students will be directed to either Gym A or B.
  • Students will be directed from the football field or the gym to their classroom at the appropriate time – 8:10 am.
  • Parents will have limited access to school parking lot for drop-offs.  They will be directed to the rear of the parking lot for any student drop-off.  Access map is provided.
  • Parents will not have access to the parking lot from Dorval drive before or after school; Rebecca Street will be the only access point.
  • Parents are reminded to drop off their child as close as they can to the bell time.

Non-bus parking and drop off directions.

Ieraci, JustinBus and Drop Off Protocols