United Way Needs Your Help!

Campaign runs from February 22 – March 5

Since this pandemic was announced last spring and forced us to go into a lockdown to stop the spread of the virus, it has made life a lot more challenging.  Small businesses have had to close; people have lost their jobs; some have had their hours severely reduced; and the usual outlets that help us build community and make connections are no longer available, being replaced by virtual/online platforms.  Many are finding it more difficult to support themselves and their families. More and more people, and children, are looking for and needing support.

Community agencies that exist to support families and individuals struggling with financial and food insecurity, mental illness, loneliness, resources to aid child development, etc., are seeing a large increase in people accessing their services.  At the same time, these agencies are not receiving their usual donations because of Covid and the limitations placed on large gatherings. 

United Way is a lifeline for many agencies, helping support those who help us.  They provide the stability that local programs need to help those who are struggling. There are over 128 programs counting on us this next year.

Please consider donating what you can: your donation helps improve lives right here in your community—it ensures important services are available to kids, families, and individuals when and where they need them the most. When you invest in the United Way, you are investing in community-wide programs and long-term planning initiatives that improve lives and create lasting social change in our community.

Any donation amount is appreciated and welcome! Even the smallest donation makes a difference and all donation amounts are confidential.  A tax receipt will be emailed directly to you.

Please use the link below to donate and thank you in advance for your contribution:

https://Hcdsb.schoolcashonline.com/Fee/Details/269/6/false /true?school=610&initiative=4

Ieraci, JustinUnited Way Needs Your Help!