Book and Laptop Collection

Dear Parents/ Guardians and Students,

Starting on Monday June 21 through June 25. and Tuesday June 29 to Wednesday June 30 from 8:00am to 3:00pm we will be collecting textbooks, library books and laptops at the school. A table will be set up at the front doors to ensure a contact free process. All Covid 19 protocols will be in place and you must do the Covid 19 screening, prior to coming to the school.

For tracking purposes, it is important that you have put your first and last name on the book along with the teacher’s name. You can use a sticky note or piece of masking or painter’s tape and attach it to the outside cover of the book or print the attached book return slip and complete the information.


1. Ensure that you have completed the Covid-19 School Self Screening tool and that you are approved to “Go To School.”

2. Print off the attached textbook return slip (If you do not have a printer, please simply print the required information on a piece of paper and place that inside the front cover of the textbook). You can also use a sticky note or piece of masking or painter’s tape and attach to the outside cover of the book.

3. Complete one textbook slip for EACH book/item to be returned.

4. Be sure to PRINT the student’s FIRST and LAST name clearly as well as all other required information.

5. Place the textbook return slip inside the FRONT COVER of each book to be returned or tape to the outside cover of the book.

6. Return books anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 pm from Monday, June 21-25 or June 29-June 30.

The school will not be open during this time and no students will have access to the building.

Thank you,

St. Thomas Aquinas Administration

Ieraci, JustinBook and Laptop Collection