Student Accident Insurance

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We all know that accidents can, and do, happen. While your provincial coverage or your employee
benefits plan may cover some medical, dental or other expenses related to these accidents, they
may not cover all of them. Student Accident Insurance helps to protect your family from these
unexpected costs if your child is injured on school property or during school-sponsored activities.

Since the Halton Catholic District School Board does not offer student accident insurance, you, as a
parent/guardian, have the option to buy this coverage for your child or children. While participation is
voluntary, it is highly recommended. All students, up to 26 years of age, are accepted.

Coverage is available in three affordable plan options, for as low as $13/year (that’s just over 3
cents a day!) in Lite, Plus and Premium. Benefits include:

• Dental treatment
• Damage to eyeglasses or contact lenses
• Ambulance transportation
• Braces, casts, crutches, hearing aids, prosthetics and splints
• Counselling, physiotherapy and tutoring
• Prescription drugs
• Accidental death, total and permanent disability
• NEW! Hospital cash allowance for costs associated with extended hospital stays such as
parking, television or Wi-Fi in your room, parking, cafeteria meals or babysitting expenses
for family members.

Discounts are available for families with 3 or more children, with additional savings for multi-year
plans of three and five years when buying online. For more policy details or to buy a plan, please
visit or call 1-833-560-0527 (toll-free) or 416-916-1588

Please note that the insurance agreement is between you and Student Accident Insurance.

Ieraci, JustinStudent Accident Insurance