New Milton Catholic Highschool – A homecoming

When I received the phone call that I was to prepare the opening of the new Catholic High School in Milton I was excited for the chance to start something new in a familiar setting.

Returning to Milton is a homecoming for me.  Not only have I served in roles of Department Head of Mathematics and Vice Principal in the other two Catholic high schools in Milton for 8 years, but I have maintained connections with the community as well.  Since 2008 I have volunteered with the local swim team as a Master Swim Official.  At the velodrome, the offices of Triathlon Ontario are located where I also volunteer as Nationally Trained Official.  Both of these opportunities have allowed me to serve as an official at national and international competitions.  It was actually at a local bike shop in Milton that I purchased my first bicycle that saw me racing on the international stage.

What’s different about this school opening is that we will be drawing upon grade 8 students only.  This past year has seen an increase of screen time and social distancing.  A small cohort of grade 9s will have the opportunity to build connections and relationships unlike before.  Students won’t be a number wandering through crowded halls and we have the chance for the staff to know every student individually.

With common grade 9 courses, there will be an increase in the availability of academic support and resources.  Mentorship will come from all staff as students begin to explore their own pathways.

We also know that extra curricular activities will play a key role in the high school experience.  At all my previous schools, I’ve actively encouraged staff and students to be involved.  From the arts to sports, there is a place for all to share their God given talents.  Most recently I hosted the first ever, OFSAA High School Provincial Championships for Ultimate Frisbee in September 2019.

In the months ahead, as we prepare for the start of school in September, I look forward to meeting all of you.  I hope to take the time to engage in the grade 8 activities to get to know my future students. There is a lot to look forward to over the coming months, and I will be reaching out to students and families to get your feedback on a number of items, including our new school name, our school colours, and our new school logo.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me by email if you have any questions or concerns: wongk@hcdsb.org

We’re excited to have everyone aboard on this journey and eventually celebrate with the inaugural graduating class in 2025!

Kevin Wong


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