Adjusting to the New Normal

After the longest March break ever documented in history, St Francis Xavier’s students have finally returned to school.

While some students have opted for a combination of in-class and virtual learning, others are learning entirely from home. Needless to say, adjusting to this new school system has been challenging for the majority of students. If you are one of those students in dire need for some motivation, fear not! Check out these 3 tips to have a successful virtual school year.

1. Develop Good Study Habits!

Attending virtual classes from the comfort of your bed is extremely tempting and although it may be incredibly relaxing, it tricks your body into thinking it’s time to sleep! Challenge yourself to attend your synchronous classes from a desk. Sitting upright at a desk and mimicking a classroom environment at home will increase your focus during class. Next, we urge you to limit the distractions around you – yes, we are talking about that phone! Shutting your phone off or leaving it in a separate room will prevent you from getting distracted from notifications. Lastly, we recommend using the resources available at your fingertips to help you stay organized. Using a calendar, a to-do list, or a reminder app on your phone will help you keep track of important dates and deadlines. Keep in mind, it is completely normal for you to feel overwhelmed with the increased workload as you adapt to the new quadmester system. The best way to adopt these changes is by focusing on one strategy per month. Once you have mastered one strategy, move onto the next one. You can do this!

2. Find an Outlet!

If you haven’t already, now is the best time to find your stress-reliever. Whether it’s re-reading your favourite book, binge-watching a series, going for a run, playing an instrument or calling up a friend, allocating time out of your day to de-stress is key. Getting back into the structured routine of regularly attending classes can be extremely overwhelming, yet very rewarding once achieved. Nonetheless, it takes tremendous motivation and deserves to be rewarded. So reward yourself for your hard work with a break! Taking multiple breaks throughout the day will prevent burnout and help restore enough energy to knock the next task off your to-do list.

3. Stay Connected!

Remember, being physically distant from school should not prevent you from staying connected with your friends, peers and teachers. This year, various STFX clubs, including but not limited to DECA, Representation Matters and STFX Reps are scheduled to run virtually. You’d be surprised by how much students are able to benefit from these clubs. Whether it is developing a new skill or interest, gaining leadership experience, discovering a hidden talent or even making a new friend, the list of opportunities is endless. Being involved in the STFX community will allow you to stay connected with your friends, peers and staff while we all venture into the new normal. However, if you are unable to join STFX’s clubs, don’t worry! There are still many ways you can stay in touch with our school community with social media being a great alternative. Follow STFX’s Instagram accounts and keep an eye out for virtual activities, events and spirit days to stay connected with our school community! @StfxReps @StfxHosa @StfxDeca @Knights.News

Written by Ayesha Amanullah

Kovacs, MatthewAdjusting to the New Normal