Feeling Lockdown Blues?

Written by Maaz Hashmi

Hey there Knights! As you are all aware, Ontario has entered yet another lockdown, and many of us are starting to prepare to hibernate within our homes. The most effective solution for the virus is social distancing and isolation. While it is imperative that we do so, it is such a strange practice for us social beings, and with that, our collective mental health will no doubt be the biggest challenge we will face. Worry not! In hopes of putting a smile on your faces, I am here to present you with tips, practices and habits you can develop that will help you combat stress and anxiety!


Believe it or not, meditation is one of the most effective ways to bring peace to your mind and calmness to the nerves. Meditation has proved to reduce depression, anxiety and uplift one’s overall mood. Mastering meditation does not happen overnight but once you start getting good at it, you will notice positive improvements in several aspects of your life. If meditation is not your cup of tea, try closing your eyes, breathing in and out slowly; the key is to focus on your breathing! Going on a peaceful walk, reading a book, or just spending some quality time alone are all effective ways to silence chaotic thoughts and ease the mind. Try to minimize distractions and outside noise. 

Find a routine and stick to it!

Having a routine is crucial to maintaining a balanced and healthy life, however, with the lockdown, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Having a disorganized routine can drastically increase decision fatigue and unwarranted spikes in anxiety! So, make a routine and stick to it! If you do not already have one, start small. Anything from waking up or snacking at a certain time can help you get started. Remember to schedule study breaks into your new routine as well as they are extremely beneficial!

Invest in positive relationships.

As difficult as it is to connect with people through social media, make the effort to talk and create meaningful conversations with those you love! Not only will it uplift your mood but it’ll also radiate the same vibes to those around you. It’ll make you feel so much better and will be a memorable experience for that day. 

Give yourself a break.

We know school is important; however, it is crucial that we continue to look after ourselves. Simple things such as setting aside one rest day in a busy week to just relax, cook or buy your favourite food and just watch Netflix! Trust me, you will most definitely thank yourself for doing such a small act.

If you have got to the end of this article and are looking to use some of these tips, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s imperative that we look after ourselves and you have done just that.

Thomson, KarrieFeeling Lockdown Blues?