Learning New Skills During Quarantine

 Written By: Roshaneh Imran

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”  –B. B. King

Let me guess- you’ve rearranged your wardrobe and binged watched your favourite Netflix show countless times. You’re stuck inside and you’re just sick of it! I know that this is a difficult time for all of us, but don’t fret! Make the most of this time and learn a new skill or two! Here are 6 skills you can learn to keep yourself busy during the lockdown. Remember to use this time to relax and practice self-care.

Learn a new language

If you’ve ever considered learning a foreign language, now is the perfect time to begin! Download a free language-learning app such as Duolingo to develop reading, writing and conversation skills. There are countless languages available to choose from including but not limited to French, Spanish, Arabic and Dutch! Thinking about going on vacation to Paris once travelling becomes safe again? Start preparing for it now!

Improve your culinary skills 

Whether you are a beginner or can make Michelin Star food, you can take this time to sharpen your culinary skills. Using Youtube and cookbooks, you can try out some mouth-watering recipes! Who knows? You might even be the next Gordon Ramsay!


Do you have an old camera lying around? If not, you can just use your phone! Now that you have a lot more free time on your hands, you can learn photography! Scenic shots in nature, food photography and self-photography are a great starting point. You’d be amazed how well your pictures look after a bit of practice. 

Learn how to build furniture

If you’re thinking about replacing the furniture in your house this lockdown but can’t find anything you like online, you can just DIY your own! You can make your own bed frame using a few pieces of wood! Pinterest and Youtube are great places to seek inspiration from to spice up your bedroom!

Learn how to make your own charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are super popular right now. A charcuterie board is an arrangement of meats and cheeses and often fruit or nuts. Although they look very fancy, they are very easy to make! You can find all the ingredients you need to make your own at your local grocery store.

Better cleaning techniques 

Although cleaning is a boring task to some, it’s necessary, especially to limit the spread of Covid-19. Commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs and faucets need to be cleaned better to prevent the spread of Covid-19. To make cleaning a less daunting task, put on your favourite music playlist while you’re scrubbing away!

Thomson, KarrieLearning New Skills During Quarantine