St. Francis Xavier Runs for the Cure

Raising Awareness For Breast Cancer

Written by Emily Wadham

The Canadian Cancer Society claims that in 2020, “27,400 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Ms. Vaughan and her grade 12 fitness leadership class, beautifully planned and executed St. Francis Xavier’s first, “ Run for a Cure.” On October 2nd at 9:30 am, the leadership class ran on the track at St. Francis Xavier CSS to raise awareness for breast cancer research. To promote this event, they encouraged all students and teachers to wear pink and run from home to support the on-going fight against breast cancer. They surpassed their fundraising goal of $1000 for breast cancer research and together, the St. Francis Xavier community raised $1940!

Jaden Mendoza and Brianna Ward, two grade 12 students who helped in organizing the event, were asked why they were running. They said, “We’re running for those who can’t. Raising money by taking one step at a time makes an impact, whether it’s on the lower scale or high. It goes to research and helps find a cure. In my opinion, I’d take any day to run for a significant cause that will help countless individuals in need.” The participants truly believed in the influential cause. As Monty reflected, “Although 12 laps isn’t a lot, collectively we did 120 laps, and I feel it raised awareness to the cause as a whole.” Similar to Samone Winters, many students’ enthusiasm for the event stemmed from their emotional connection to the cause:

“I ran for my grandma. She’s been in remission since 2014 and I’m happy to say that I finished the 5K in her honour and in honour of everyone else who can’t physically complete it themselves.” -Samone Winters.

The event raised a substantial amount of donations and promoted awareness among the St. Francis Xavier community. Overall, the event was a huge success and on behalf of the St. Francis Xavier community, I would like to personally thank everyone who donated or supported the cause in some way, because without all of you this would not be possible. Please keep educating yourself on the fight against breast cancer and most importantly, stay safe knights.

Written by Emily Wadham

Thomson, KarrieSt. Francis Xavier Runs for the Cure