Enriching Peer Tutoring Program at St.FX

Written by Ayesha Amanullah

Are you spending tireless nights struggling to understand concepts? Feeling stressed about keeping up with a challenging course? Lacking the willpower and direction to start writing that 5-page essay? You are not alone! 

St.FX’s Peer Tutoring program is the perfect opportunity for those in dire need of academic support. Whether you are struggling with a course, need help reaching your academic goals, lacking the motivation to study, or just in need of an accountability check, Peer Tutoring is the right program for you!

All students through grades 9-12 can receive academic support in any course from experienced students who have already completed that same course. Tutoring sessions are held from the comfort of your own home, virtually anywhere, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-4:00 pm. Peer tutors work 1-on-1 with their assigned tutees by catering to their individual learning styles and needs. Tutoring is offered in various subject areas including, but not limited to English, French, math, and all sciences!

Grade 12 peer tutor Ayesha Amanullah shares her experience participating in the program as she says, “With the fast-paced nature of our quadmester system, lots of us are deeply struggling to keep up with course content and staying motivated. Many lack easy access to the support systems they need to be successful. However, this program gave my tutee the opportunity to increase her confidence in math and clarify concepts that she found challenging. We are constantly facing learning obstacles—more so now than ever before—so you should know that there are people who are ready to help you overcome them and be successful.”

In an anonymous survey, past peer tutors discussed their experience in the program, one having even stated: “I think the best part of it all for in specific was working with the students. I feel like I really helped someone out and it feels so good to give back to the school community! Additionally, I am someone who does not have a crazy amount of confidence, this program also helped provide me with the confidence boost which [reassures me that] ‘I know what I am doing!’ All in all, this program has provided a phenomenal experience and hopefully, I can continue to give back!” 

Similarly, another peer tutor expressed: “I liked that the peer tutoring program allowed me to work one on one with another student; since I want to go into teaching post-secondary, these sort of experiences and opportunities have helped me to understand what methods of teaching/tutoring work best in different situations, and which methods I mesh with the most. I liked that the peer tutoring program gave me a glimpse into what it’s like to be a teacher.”

One of last quadmester’s tutees shared their academic progress, saying, “It was really good. [My tutor] explained everything in depth so I can get a better understanding. I saw improvement in my grades as well.” 

Another tutee remarked, “I think this was the best tutoring experience that I have ever had, I felt super comfortable from start to finish and had no complaints [about the program] whatsoever. I also managed to bring my mark up!” 

Take charge of your academic success and sign up for the Peer Tutoring program today! You can sign up through this link: https://tinyurl.com/3asvj5c 

A few of many peer tutors devoted to helping you reach your academic potential!

Thomson, KarrieEnriching Peer Tutoring Program at St.FX