Gardening Tips for Spring

Written by Aisha Aamir & Meher Aamir

Spring is finally here meaning gardening season is back on! Below we have mentioned several tips to make sure you have a successful gardening season.

Research About Plants.

Before buying or growing a plant, make sure you have the space for it and any other requirements that are required. Some plants need full sunlight while others need partial sunlight. Some plants may not need water too often, while others need lots of water.. 

Choose a Good Location.

A good location for the plant is one of the most important parts of owning plants. The location should be based on the plant’s care instructions. If it needs a lot of sun, make sure to have it in a location where there is a lot of sunlight; if not, then there will be a high chance of the plant dying.

Keep Plants Hydrated – Especially New Ones

Water is a crucial element for plants, it is used for the plant’s photosynthesis. New plants should always be watered, the soil should be moist, but not dripping. Other plants should be watered at least once a week (depending on the type of plant).

Plant Early

Nothing is better than having a huge plant that you have worked so hard on. If you’re planting outside, try planting it as soon as the weather is suitable. This will allow your plant to grow all the way until fall. A good way for vegetables to grow is to plant them in little cups before putting them into the ground or into a larger pot. This would make it easier for the roots to grow.

Start with good soil 

Using healthy soil that is rich in nutrients ensures that you are keeping your plants healthy from the start which helps you avoid future complications. Good soil also makes it easier for the roots to establish, speeding the growing process. 

Fertilize smarter 

Using time-release fertilizers saves you time because you don’t have to fertilize as frequently and it ensures the feeding can continue for long periods of time, keeping the gardens nourished and healthy. 

Keep your gardening tools clean and sharp 

Gardening tools play a big role in ensuring that your garden grows healthy and looks beautiful. Keeping them clean and sharp helps them last longer and effectively eliminates any harm that can be brought to your garden from them, such as rust on tools. 

Inventory of plants 

Keeping track of your plants helps you stay organized and ensures you don’t “accidentally” ruin a good plant. This way you can also buy the right amount of seeds, soil and fertilizer so you don’t end up with an excess, saving you money and space. 


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